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Flipping Houses – Is it time to get started?

Have you ever wondered about flipping a property to make a few bucks? Well if you dont do it right then you might only make a few dollars or lose quite a few. Here we will talk a bit about flipping homes around Jackson County or anywhere really.Truly we can all feel it that this train of fire the market is riding right now has to come to a halt sometime and somewhere. Just like it did in 2008 the market has to have a correction. It is out of control right now, wouldnt you agree? Now there is the argument to be made that there is a law of supply and demand and that is true but today we find ourselves in a little bit of a different scenario here in our region. While the national market may come to a halt for a while, the foreseeable future looks as if property and homes in and around the rural parts of Florida will remain in high demand because the people in the northern states are still tired of irrational lockdowns and related craziness. With the droves of people alrea…

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A Star is Emerging – Are you ready?

We are almost to curtain time! Southern Lights: The Search for a Star is coming to Jackson County for the first time. In years past the show has been in Bonifay but this year in partnership with Chipola College they will be hosted in Marianna Florida and what a show we expect to see already!Charlie Dykes the creator of Southern Lights: The Search for a Star says "This year should be the best so far" and he has a few surprises up his sleeve. There are some amazing new faces in the contestant crowd this year and they are ready to give the past contestants some real competition, all in good fun of course.

Speaking of fun here is a little preview of the fun the contestants will have this year when they perform onstage at the Chipola Center for the arts.

A preview of some of the talent in the WMBB-TV viewing area getting a first walk on the red carpet as they get ready to compete in the Southern Lights talent competition this week.

Southern Li…

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Stars In Jackson County?

Southern Lights The search for a Star 2021 Hosted by Chipola College

Southern Lights was born back in 2019 when Charlie Dykes, the host of Southern Lights: The Search for a Star, got together with a group of people with an idea that would quickly become an incredible opportunity for people all over South Alabama, South Georgia, and Northwest Florida. Some of those same people are involved today including Rebecca Prince, Lesley Hatfield, Miranda Hudson, Amy Dykes, Jamey Faircloth and Aaron Hamilton. The vision was to give people an opportunity to take their talents to a stage to help open doors where they could meet and work with other artist, expand their audience and fanbase, and to even give people an opportunity to perform who may have never really tried to put their talent out there for others to enjoy. The first year we saw performers who had not promoted themselves in the past, they began to setup facebook pages for their talent and really began to expand their hor…

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